Embracing Sustainability to Add

Value to Your Business

SD+, A Structured Data-Driven Approach can help you achieve a 30% reduction in maintenance costs, a 15% faster design time, and increase the value of your marketplace.

Discover the Benefits of Sustainability with SD+


Can the construction industry attain sustainability while enhancing both their top line and customer bottom line, without sacrificing efficiency and cost-effectiveness?

The answer is "Yes," and SD+ is the solution.

The construction industry is a major contributor to environmental impacts, responsible for almost 40% of global carbon emissions. The world green building council's goal is to reduce carbon emissions from buildings and construction by 84 gigatons and achieve net-zero buildings by 2050.

However, the sector faces several challenges such as:

Roadblocks in identifying tangible business value through sustainability.

Annual increase of 4.5% in construction costs and a 50% increase in maintenance costs as buildings age.

Rising regulatory obligations.

Unavailability of tested materials and solutions.


But don't worry; SD+ provides a structured approach backed by data to address these challenges and make sustainable development accessible. With SD+, you can achieve a 30% reduction in maintenance costs and a 15% faster design time.

 Key Features

Business insights

Stay on top of various mandates and assess your top value with SD+ business insights.

Automated Solutions Designer & Tracker

Let SD+ track the impact of each sustainable product and reduce your design time and maintenance costs

Goal Setting

Set your sustainability goals and let SD+ help you achieve them


India's 1st vetted sustainable solutions marketplace. Choose from an exhaustive marketplace and get the best prices to match your built-in goals on the SD+ platform.

Impact Thus Far

+ 100

MWh Energy Saved

+ 10000

KL Water Saved

+ 1000

Tons Waste Avoided

+ 500

Tons CO2e Mitigated

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